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I think it is important enough that I share a little about me even though it is my intention to remain anonymous.   I am a south Florida based contractor.   I am an entrepreneur and I love my United States of America where I was born and raised.   I am a millionaire and can be financially independent for the rest of my life.  I don’t mention this to boast, but only so that you may realize that I had a slight conflict with some of the issues I propose here.  I say that because I want you to know I didn’t think of this out of selfishness for some material wants I was missing.  I have all the material wants.  I don’t need anything more.  But, yet, I think I have figured out a plan that can take me to a better state of being than I am in, even now with having everything.  What more could there be?  How about true freedom.  How about utopia!

I am not a writer.  I will do my best with what little time I have to publish this.  I would love to write this perfectly and have an outstanding presentation, but I can’t.  I cannot bear to continue witnessing people dying in revolutions or starving while I may have found an answer that could prevent that from happening.  So, I decided that the best method to complete my objective is to publish this idea as an overview with enough details so  that everyone can basically understand what the principles of the plan are, rather than sit on this while I dot every i and cross every t.  Then I would like public comments on this so that we can improve on it.  Finally, this plan has a petition where if you like what you read I ask you to please join this action by signing the petition.  I have provided a link to the petition at the end of this plan.  I know I cannot do this alone.  But, I will still try.  I know it is worth it.  Please join me.


This vision is based on an epiphany I encountered on 04/12/2009.  While I was driving to a final site inspection on what seemed to be my last project for a while, due to the construction industry in south FL getting hit really hard with this recession.   The project was an hour and a half drive to the Everglades National Park from my home.  Once I reached the entrance to the park I would have to drive another 40 miles to the Flamingo Lodge at a speed limit of 35 mph.  On this day, I took my time and was enjoying the beautiful surroundings as I drove to the site.  The radio was off for the whole trip and my mind was on the economy.  At first, I thought of how I will personally fair?  But, I never really worried.  I am a hard working individual and in good health, so I should be fine, I thought.   But what about everyone else?  My children? My Parents? Brothers, Sister, you get the picture.  My mind went into a problem solving mode the way it always does on the field when there is a problem.  Thinking of alternatives, shortcuts, loopholes, whatever it takes to get the job done.  But, it didn’t work.  This was way too big for me to try to tackle.  So, I quickly became fixated on the natural surroundings of the park and enjoyed it.  Thinking that, if not for this project I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to experience this beautiful environment.  In my research prior to starting this project I learned that there are many National Parks and I thought I will probably never get a chance to experience the other parks.
What a shame it is that I don’t have the time.  I am always running around with a sense of urgency like I will miss an opportunity to make just a little more money by working harder.  All the while, if I slowed down a bit I might actually enjoy what is really important – TIME.  A few moments later, in the quiet drive, the thoughts of the failing economy still lurking within my mind, it hit me.  An answer that was clear and simple to the question of, “How will we all fair in this economy”?   An answer so simple it seemed ridiculous.  I even for a moment tried to forget it for fear that I may be thought of as a nut job if I repeated it to anyone.  I still had 20 minutes in my trip before reaching the project site.  I continued thinking and now my thoughts turned to discredit the answer as incorrect for any reason that I could think of.  But the more I thought of problems to combat the answer, as being a valid one, the more the answer fit.  The answer didn’t just correct the economy problem but is a solution to many other issues as well.  In fact, I couldn’t and still can’t find a legitimate reason why the answer won’t work.
This answer can’t be original, I thought.   I am not that smart.  Surely, there exists someone or a group that is at least thinking about this?  It’s too simple!  The next day I searched the Internet and came up with nothing.  Not even a hint.  So, I did what everyone I know would do.  Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t make yourself look foolish to your friends and family by trying to change anything this big.  So I tried to forget it, but I couldn’t.  I keep thinking of it and what could be and find myself enlightened at the thought of this answer being in place.
We accept as reality the world we are presented.  I hereby submit an alternative approach to life as we know it.  I am hopeful people will utilize this as a means of discernment between our present day situations and subsequently motivate them to action.

“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”  - Arthur Schopenhauer

The Big Picture

I have now been thinking of this for over three years since I first wrote the intro.  This idea has been knocked down by almost everyone I know.  So I stopped talking about it, but never stopped thinking of it.  I wanted to present this in a way that would be easy for everyone to migrate to in familiar terms.  My conclusion is that it won’t be easy but it is simple.  I hope that, after you read this in its entirety, I will have described what my thoughts are so you can realize that accomplishing this is possible.

By implementing this system, we will create a paradigm shift that will positively impact humanity - as we can correct all of the following issues we currently face:

  • Financial crisis
  • Centralized Power
  • Environmental Violations
  • Lack of Health Care
  • Unemployment
  • Drug Dealing (Illegal and otherwise)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Greed

The following are some of the added benefits that can be realized by implementing this system:

  • Better Nutrition
  • Placing Environmental Concerns at the forefront of decisions
  • Unlimited Education
  • Better Medicines
  • Best in class products
  • A smaller Government
  • Achieve global oneness
  • A realization of true freedom
  • Elimination of cost prohibitive obstacles
  • Unlimited Research and Development resources

The way to do all this is to pass a bill to modify our social security system by extending its benefits and at the same time to allow the social security administration to delegate responsibility of administration and enforcement to individual States.  This can be done by voting a bill into law.

What’s in the Bill is what changes everything.  The focus of the Bill will be to change the way we base our Social Security contributions on.  Currency will be replaced by hours.  Hours (or time) will be the new standard of satisfying our social security share of duty.   But, it does not stop there.  Currency will altogether be eliminated.  Time will be the new standard of paying our duty to society.  Time will replace currencies.

The concept is simple 1 hour of work equals 1 hour of work, period.  Banking of time in any form will be forbidden as well as swapping, trading or dealing of time.  Subscribers will need to satisfy the hours in order to receive full benefits.   Those hours can be satisfied by working, studying, raising a child, community or military service and farming.  Subscribers to the New Social Security will in turn receive everything they need including but not limited to food, clothing, residence, fuel, education, health care, personal goods, housewares, transportation, leisure travel.  Successful entrepreneurs shall additionally receive a personal housekeeper.

The requirement to work will be as follows: six hours per day for 4 days in a week or 24 hours in a week.  6 hours of education per week.  Civic service can be substituted for up to 6 hours of work per week. There will be an allowance of eight weeks of vacation per year.  Subscribers that violate this plan who have received the benefits without contributing their hours shall be forced to restitute their hours by performing the undesirable work.

This plan will also have the flexibility to allow for anyone choosing to opt out.  An example would be someone who prefers to live as an isolationist and support him/herself.

The structure of our current currency policy exists in a Ying Yang.  If the Government can create rights that encompass an economic value for one side, than it must take that equal value from the other side to pay for it.  Even worse, this causes one or both sides rights to no longer be preserved.
Our current monetary policy cannot sustain viability without undermining citizens’ rights!

Time – The ultimate resource

There is no need to expound on this point too much.  We all know that time is more valuable than any commodity.  Nothing and no one can buy more time.  We are all equal before a sunrise.

To make the transition from a currency system to a hour system we can rely on an existing system currently in use to track hours worked.  Currently, during your working years, earnings covered by Social Security are posted to your Social Security record and you earn credits based on those earnings. Using time as a measure of one’s earnings over currency can be an easy transition.    Hours are already being recorded by employers.  Who then report those hours to the Social Security Administration (The SSA).  The SSA currently measures the amount of time in credits to determine eligibility for social security.  Therefore, little needs to change to effect implementation of a record keeping program for validating hours accomplished.  There will have to be some changes within the SSA to account for a frequent reporting system to a (newly proposed) Fairness Review Board.  We may also need to alter the unit of measure as needed for frequently identifying compliance with work hours.  But there is no need for me to get into that much detail here at the moment.

Culture and Morality

Our culture is shadowed by greed.  We have been programmed to believe that the American dream is about us being consumers.  Actually, the American dream is an economist’s dream.  This consumption driven economy is not sustainable.  Without our consumption it would be a nightmare for all of us.    In the future, our grandchildren will view us as naïve materialistic people.  In the future, materialistic-ism will not exist.  It will be replaced by durable environmentally friendly based products.  When you eliminate the need to make a profit and only focus on making the best of class end products we all win.

Morality today is motivated by either need or fear.  I hope this future system of living with less greed changes our view of morality towards one of love for people.

All persons seek well-being and perfection, this idea, of a new social security system lends itself to the greatest efforts toward progress, and the greatest possible equality that is compatible with individual responsibility.  It is to say that everyone benefits equally the amount that he/she has put into it.

Please view the  The Global Oneness Project  as their ideas relate to this.

Fairness Review Board

A Fairness Review Board (FRB) will be established that will encompass a committee of elected leaders along that will include but not limited to attorney(s), accountants, business manager(s) and a representative of local security force.  The board will abide by an established global standard.  The FRB will be located at all localities and will be tasked with the following duties:

  1. Will serve to review applications from entrepreneurs who wish to manage either an existing business or establish a new business.
  2. To ensure that artists and entertainers have sufficient followers to remain within their craft.  This is not to say that insufficient followers would be cause from removing them from their craft, but that part time employment would be necessary.
  3. To enforce that all participants are completing their required time.
  4. To verify that the time participants report are accurate.
  5. To audit employers or education facilities or anyone else that report hours to SSA.
  6. To confirm and/or determine the human resource requirements of a business.


Community and religious organizations will have a stronger role as people will be able to serve their hours performing community service.  Perhaps this would be something similar to a Kibbutz.

The Draft

There shall be no law imposed to force a regulation of labor, education or religious faith to non-subscribers.  Wherein a person subscribes to the Social Security Benefits thereby he/she waives their rights to the foregoing only to the extent as is necessary in keeping the society that is enrolled in it viable.

We need to start educating people at a very early age to learn the ways of entrepreneurship.  Learn ways to be innovative, creative and to be able to provide for themselves so they can generate the new technologies and industries of tomorrow.  We may elect to include a draft of children turning 16 years of age with an option to join a community, religious, highly technical or military service.


People in their current jobs will remain there until the majority of the unemployed and reassigned workforces become assigned to employment.    Artists and entertainers would be employed by a management company of their choice.


Without limitations of cost we will be able to pursue the cleanest solutions for renewable energy.  We can send the brightest talent to pursue careers in science and technology.  Nikola Tesla’s dream of global wireless electricity was diffused because he couldn’t get financial backing for the project.  No one wanted to fund the project because they couldn’t figure out how to make a profit from the technology.  Tesla wanted to give electricity to people for free.
Can you imagine the advances in science and technology we can accomplish without the restraint of cost? There are many sites with references to global wireless energy, but here are just a couple:

Tesla's Global Wireless Energy

All future construction would be built to the LEED gold standard as a minimum.
The existing Masdar City project gives us a clue as to what cities will be like in the future.


Humans have inherited the responsibility of being the caretakers of Earth.  We adopt that responsibility the moment our species understood we could cause damage to our environment.

Today all we here about is the impact of global warming and its effect on the rising sea levels.  Most arguments against the notion that human involvement is the cause, of global warming, almost always involve dollars tied to it.  This revision of the Social Security regulation will allow environmental concerns to be the forefront of decisions rather than being overstepped for cost implications.  We must properly learn to live as beings integrated within our earthly ecosystems.

Stricter and necessary water conservation standards can now be implemented and enforced.  Also, with the expansion of the US Army Corps of Engineers and other private organizations we can conduct an extensive research and development on desalinization of our ocean waters.

Living a seamless existence with nature does not mean that we have to be primitive.  On the contrary, by subscribing to this idea of eliminating currency and banking and implementing time as the new standard of fulfilling ones duty as required of the new social security act, we can eliminate the aspect of profit and hence the greed that comes with it.  It will also lift the barriers of cost restraints we have lived with since currency was established.  Without cost barriers we can have unlimited research and development in all aspects of our lives that we were never able to enjoy.   To have achieved this will be most embraced by Mother Nature.

Real Estate

Native American Indians practiced communal land ownership. That is, the entire community owned the land upon which it lived, however; the Native Americans did not really believe in "owning" land rather they had the concept of "you own it while you live on it" after they moved it was considered free game.

Real estate owners and leaseholders will be allowed to abandon their real estate to the local center where the property will be maintained and/or reassigned.

The Best Value

People will not be able to handle all work on their own possessions.  We pay others to do that now.  For example, when we experience a roof leak we call in professional roofers and select the one we depict as providing the best value to us.  Many people are not well qualified to perform a proper selection of vendors and occasionally experience problems with the selection we make. The change to eliminate currency will allow for all vendors to consider only best value to the end user as a way to continue surviving in business.
These vendors would be administered on a county level.  If the type of service is such that necessitates more involvement than it could be administered to the city, township or village, etc.  The selection of vendors would require a proposal to be submitted to the regional source selection board by the managers of the entity.  The proposals would be based on strict criteria to accomplish best value to the people.  Imagine what the executive summaries will look like now that profit is no longer an issue.  The hiring of workers is not only not constrained by lack of funds but demanded based on being able to accomplish the best end product.  The best experts would be sought out and hired.  Safety would no longer be comprised because of attempts to cut corners in order to maximize profits.
This is not a new concept.  The use of vendors like this currently exists on all military bases.  If someone on a military base experiences a plumbing problem they simply pick up the phone and a crew comes out and fixes it.  If they wish to paint the interior of their house they just make a call.  If they drive a GOV vehicle and it’s time to maintain it they only have to make an appointment at the garage.


With advances in medicine and the likelihood that adopting the abolishment of currency worldwide may lead to further peace, the population will increase.  The draft will allow for a labor force to work on focusing effort for a sustainable food and water sources.   It seems more research and development will be necessary to take us from what is now a profit based food supply source to a healthier source to supply a larger population.

We have an unbalance between our population and the resources necessary to maintain it in our planet right now!   We absolutely must limit our population globally until we have fully adapted this New Social Security and the lessons learned from it are in effect.  Some of those lessons may be for all humans to once again learn to live within the means that the Earth provides; an acceptance of global oneness which includes that we all respect each other’s culture;  a noticeable significant reduction in materialism ideals; elimination of any form of currency and “banking”.
Until then we need to control our population expansion if not reduce it, even if it is a similar system to the Chinese system of one child per couple.   We currently cannot sustain 7 billion people on earth.  We have outgrown our sustainable resources.  We must all learn to cultivate our own food.   Locally, we should not exceed population where we cannot be able to sustain ourselves independently.  By that I mean to feed off of what we grow ourselves.   There will be a day when we find the proper balance between population and food and water.  But until then we must be alert of how critical this unbalance is and bring down our population numbers.   Having outgrown our resources is the single most important point I could make.  Nothing is more critical than being able to maintain a sustainable population worldwide.   Once we achieve that than we can look to truly prosper in numbers.   I know I cover this as a matter of fact but please do not take this warning lightly.  If we exceed our resources of food and water nature, or man, will thin out the human population until at least at a local level it can provide for itself.  Make no mistake that this is the sole reason the Chinese took action to control their population.  Even if you think they are not intelligent people (which is not what I am suggesting), their basic survival instinct has compelled them to that corrective action.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently issued their 2012 Annual Letter From Bill Gates.  Two mentions in his letter I thought worthy of pointing out that are relevant to what I am trying to sell here are:

“When Melinda and I started this work more than a decade ago, we were inspired by the conviction that “all lives have equal value.” - Bill Gates

“Because of that money, the poorest infants in the world will start receiving the same vaccines that infants in rich countries receive.” - Bill Gates

My point here is that here is one of the richest couples on Earth and what do they covet?  Benevolence!

I believe that benevolence will replace the greed we have grown up with.


This section refers to migration of people to and from countries.  Today there is much talk about illegal immigration and deportation.  If we pass this bill and this does become a reality I believe we will be able to tear down all walls. We will still maintain our borders but with no people in need of crossing into another country for money.  My guess is that people will be reluctant to uproot but rather chose to stay in their homeland and perform their work or study there while also helping their locale.


A Petition will be started that will validate this proposal as being able to pass a future vote.  Anyone with experience in legislative drafting and willing to put together a draft bill that we could tie together with the petition would be greatly appreciated.  Once the final comments are included in this document and we have a final draft of a bill, we will altogether camp on the doorsteps of legislators to sponsor and support us.

The link to the petition is:

I have done my part by introducing you to this and I promise to see this through to get sponsored.  The only thing I ask of you is to please sign this petition and to subsequently vote for the bill when it does get sponsored.  Not much to ask for the return.  This will truly be your greatest investment of time!

Thank You

The New Social Security


Twitter: @TheNewSSA

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